Nov 14, 2010

1986 - Peugeot Ventoux (PH-501 SH)

On the hunt for more classic lightweights I´ve studied the fleemarket section of various newspapers several times and switched for two or three weeks a wanted advertisment. So i got in contact with a man, who stored his sons nearly undriven Peugeot Ventoux for over 24 years in the basement.

On the 9th September of 1986 he and his son went to Sport Bistler in munich, where they gave their old road bicycles for cash and purchased two totally new Peugeot Ventoux and two sets of Look pedals.

A few weeks later father and son participated in a cycling trip of their munich cycling club, but both were mistaken and made it a race. It was what had to happen. The father slammed into an oncomming car, turned his bicycle into scrap and spent more then two weeks in hospital.

Nobody of them went on a bicycle since then. So they stored the sons Peugeot Ventoux in the basement, where i was lucky enough to pick it up.

Everything on this Peugeot Ventoux is fully original and in as found condition. Every single part of this Bicycle shows nearly no wear. It´s in like new condition. The frames height is 60 cm center to center or 62 cm center to top of seat tube.

The Peugeot Ventoux, modell PH501 SH Ventoux, is equipped with the following components:

Bottom Braket: Shimano 105 Golden Arrow
Headset: Shimano 105 Golden Arrow
Crankset: Shimano FC-S105, 105 Golden Arrow (Fluted)
Front Derailleur: Shimano FD-A105, 105 Golden Arrow
Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-A105, 105 Golden Arrow
Gear Levers: Shimano SL-A105, 105 Golden Arrow
Brake Levers: Shimano BL-H105, 105 Golden Arrow
Brakes: Shimano BR-Z575, 105 Golden Arrow
Wheelset: Maillard Helico Matic hubs with MAVIC clincher rims
Freewheel: Maillard Helico Matic 6-speed
Saddle: Sella Mondialita
Seatpost: LM
Handlebar: Philippe

Frame tubing: 3 Tubes Reynolds 501
Fork tubing: Peugeot Tubes allegé ?




  1. is it really a 1986 or was it a new 1987?

  2. This Peugeot Ventoux was bought on 9th September of 1986, so it´s really a 1986.

  3. Pretty sure it's an 87

  4. Hi,

    sorry, but i got the original invoice with the Ventoux ... it was bought on the 9th of Sept. 1986 ... thus it´s an 86

  5. From what I understand, the 1987 Ventoux was the first year to actually print 'Ventoux' on the top tube; the 86s did not have this printed on the frame. I think yours is an 87.

  6. Why the Japanese parts? Mine came with all French/ European components and I am currently replacing tyres and tubes to start using it again after fifteen years (some of which was on a mountain bike and the rest... well).

  7. Its an 86 for the reasons you've said, 87 get a life.

  8. the Japanese parts were probably seen as an upgrade